5 levers to rebound from crises with e-commerce

Successful strategies for renewed growth, based on market data analysis and consumer behavior.


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E-commerce was the big winner of the pandemic, but the year 2022 marked the end of record growth rates. There are many reasons for this slowdown (inflation, supply problems, climate change, etc.). While there are many challenges to be met, online sales remain an essential activity that has become part of consumers' buying habits.

It is therefore important to continue to evolve one's e-commerce strategy in order to maintain one's margins in these tense times, and to be ready to rebound. A return to the fundamentals of commerce is more important than ever in the current context. To be successful, you need sound management and a strategy focused on the customer experience. 

In this e-book, you will find the 5 levers that should not be neglected to manage crises and be ready to bounce back.

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