7 aspects of customer behaviour that are shaping the new era of ecommerce

We’re all aware, last months have shaken up our daily lives and consumption habits. Covid crisis encouraged consumers to adopt digital use.

Lockdowns led to an historical growth in the e-commerce industry and new customers behaviours appeared : 36% of them make online shopping every week (28% before Covid Crisis)* and 87% of consumers claim that they’ll continue to buy online after the pandemia.
These moves amount to a milestone for e-commerce websites. Thanks to a quantitave and detailed analysis, discover new behaviours that are shaping the future of online consumption.

7-consumer behaviours

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Everyone will remember 2020 and how it profoundly changed our daily lives, bringing about the atmosphere of uncertainty in which we still live as 2021 unfolds.

Although the upheavals we have experienced have led to slowdowns in many sectors, we have still seen signs of positive change, particularly in ecommerce.Customers spend more time shopping online and make more frequent purchases than before the pandemic.

Behind this general trend, a number of new patterns of behaviour emerged, marking a clear turning point for ecommerce. Consumers in the new era are more mature and more demanding. They expect an effective and personalised shopping experience which is in keeping with their values and saves them time.

We have explored these new behaviours, along with the supporting data, to help you understand the changes that need to take place in order to satisfy the “Post-Covid” consumer. The Covid era continues at the time of writing, but hopefully not for much longer.

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