Reinvent the buying journer

Discover, with a few videos, how to transform your search engine in a sales engine by using some best practices:

  • Support your client through they buying journey
  • Individualise interactions with every visitor
  • Highlight the uniqueness of your offer
  • Adopt client's new usage
  • Optimise your performance

All of that, in a few clicks, without coding!

Adopted by more than 70 clients, in 10 countries


Create captivating and unique search experience

This is not a secret: consumers want to access to their desired products quickly and efficiently.

And every client is unique! Every buying desire has his own story...

Our goal? Guiding each visitor to the desired product(s) as soon as they arrive on your retail website.

Improving performances by individualising search results, for each client. Offer a buying experience fast, immersive, just like your brand image and allowing you to deploy your merchandising strategy: this the purpose of Sensefuel.

We let you do that without coding and with interface, dashboard, dedicated to merchant, merchandisers, marketers!

📽️ Because a picture worth thousand of words, discover how we do that, in video.