Cheat-codes for tomorrow’s e-merchandiser

As an e-merchandiser, you face a crucial challenge : adapt to growth and change of customers behaviour by adopting new technologies.
How can you benefit from AI to be more efficient and increase your performance?

Concrete optimizations must be considered by the e-merchandiser and on the whole buying journey. From the quality of traffic acquisition to the adaptation of the buying experience for each client, right through the purchasing funnel.

Discover these key adaptations to each part of the buying journey detailed in our e-book « Cheat-codes for tomorrow’s e-merchandiser » !


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What will you find in this ebook?

Proportion of online sales in retail has made a real leap in the world, last few year. At the same time, the buying behaviour of consumer is evolving strongly. They now buy when they want, where they want, they don’t think anymore about a need but about a desire and wants a trade in line with their values.

It’s up to the e-merchandiser to include this new way of consumption to his merchant website, throughout tools and best practices to maintain profitability and long-terms growth goals.

In this e-book, discover our « cheat-codes » : some practical optimization on the whole buying journey. Trafic acquisition, highlighting your offer, customer experience improvment to the purchasing funnel Get the keys to transform your visitors in clients and retain them.

Download the ebook