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The search & product discovery platform for over 100 European brands and retailers

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A platform to meet the challenges of ecommerce search and product discovery


Ideal for your visitors

  • Delivers fluid, efficient search experiences.

  • Hyper-personalize shopping journeys in real time.

  • Guide each visitor to the purchasing stage.

  • Respect privacy and personal data.

Ideal for your e-commerce team

  • Multiply search conversion rates, with no configuration effort.

  • Allows you to deploy your sales strategies independently.

  • Offers the ability to manage your performance and traffic monetization.

  • Supported by experts to optimize your usage and KPIs.

Ideal for your IT

  • Reduces time-to-market by integrating seamlessly into your site.

  • Speed up the implementation of hyper-personalized shopping journey across all your front-ends.

  • Empowers business teams and frees up IT bandwidth.

  • Improves reliability, performance and agility and activates your Headless strategy.