The mobile phone - the go-to device for online shopping

How did the mobile phone achieve this status? How do you deliver a search experience that meets consumer expectations? 23 KPIs to help you understand what's going on.


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In the e-commerce world, the mobile phone is dominating! Proof of its importance: more than half of all visits to e-commerce sites are done from a smartphone... 📱

➡️ How did the smartphone become the main device for online shopping?
➡️ How can we combine efficiency and relevance to deliver a mobile experience that meets consumer expectations? 

This e-book provides a detailed analysis of the performance (% of traffic, % of sales, conversion rate...) of mobile for e-commerce and a decoding of consumers' significant behaviors when they buy products on their mobile, contextualized for each business sector. As a bonus, discover the features that allow you to optimize your conversions and save the sale on smartphone.

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