Besson's Use Case

54% increase in mobile search conversion rate *in one year.


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Why did the brand Besson choose Sensefuel?

Besson Chaussures offers a wide range of shoes in its stores and via its online shop.

Putting pleasure back into the act of buying shoes is at the heart of Besson Chaussures’ mission.

The brand wants to restore the delight of purchasing products according to trends, outfits, seasons or inclination.

The challenge for the online team was to build a website that reflected and matched the brand’s objectives. This meant creating an inspiring journey that put the pleasure of shopping at the heart of every transaction. Search engine optimisation therefore naturally became a priority.

Impressed by the results of a trial, and the quality of the search experience, Besson decided to adopt Sensefuel’s solution for its website.

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*Search conversion : Visits with search(s) followed by order confirmation / Visits with search(s)

Download Besson's Use Case