Bricoman's Use Case

104% increase in search conversion rates* in one year.


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Why did the brand Bricoman choose Sensefuel?

Bricoman observed that visitors to its e-commerce site almost always came through the search engine. One of its primary aims, therefore, was to focus on its search engine in order to optimise the digital experience for its customers.

The objectives of this project included making the user
experience smoother and more efficient while speeding up
the time taken to find products; the DIY specialists who visit the site have clear expectations of finding specific products sold by the brand.

The results have been conclusive. Bricoman quickly saw the benefits, with an increase of 21% in its search engine conversion rate, revealed during A/B testing.

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*Search conversion: Visits with search(s) followed by order confirmation / Visits with search(s).

Download Bricoman's Use Case