Croquetteland's Use Case

109% increase in search conversion rates* on mobile in a year.


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Why did the brand Croquetteland choose Sensefuel?

Croquetteland is a subsidiary of the Carrefour group and monitors its market carefully. The company spotted an innovation in the search function on another website in its sector.

Search is very structured within Croquetteland’s marketplace: catalogues are technical, individual brands are very prominent and consumers need to find products quickly.

Croquetteland recognised that its challenge was to offer rich, intelligent and contextual filters within its search engine. The organisation wanted to act immediately so this needed to be implemented quickly without using IT resources.

Impressed by Sensefuel’s consultative approach, its effective filters and ability to highlight brand franchises, Croquetteland decided to carry out a trial right away.

Within the first few days of the trial, sales performance was on track. Across the whole trial period Croquetteland saw a 91% increase in basket conversion rates.

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*Search conversion : Visits with search(s) followed by order confirmation / Visits with search(s)

Download Croquetteland's Use Case