Ma Petite Mercerie's Use Case

81% increase in mobile search conversion rate* in one year.


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Why did the Ma Petite Mercerie brand choose Sensefuel?

Ma Petite Mercerie (My Little Haberdashery) was created in 2010 by Christel Anglade-Moncéré and sells online fabrics and accessories for sewing and haberdashery. The site features a very large number of products, with more than 60 000 SKUs. On average, 50 to 100 new product information pages are added each week.

Ma Petite Mercerie offers an extremely wide choice of highly varied products. The richness of its catalogue, which features more than 1500 categories of merchandise, reflects the breadth of its offering,

Making its products easily discoverable became a challenge for Ma Petite Mercerie. The company wanted to improve sales performance independently, without having to invest in a major project. It decided to try Sensefuel. Impressed by its easy implementation, and after reviewing the results of one month of testing, Ma Petite Mercerie adopted the search engine.

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*Search conversion : Visits with search(s) followed by order confirmation / Visits with search(s)

Download Ma Petite Mercerie's Use Case