RougeGorge's Use Case

68% increase in mobile search conversion rate* in one year.


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Why did the brand RougeGorge choose Sensefuel?

RougeGorge is a lingerie brand for women, created by women. The brand allows customers to choose the lingerie that best meets their tastes and needs for everyday life, guiding them through the search and discovery process of all types and shapes of bra.

Guidance and advice are part of the brand’s DNA, so it was
essential that they should also be at the heart of the ecommerce experience, including within the site’s search function.

The added challenge for Claire Tardy, head of Web and E-commerce, was to save time for loyal customers who know which style of bra they want.

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*Search conversion : Visits with search(s) followed by order confirmation / Visits with search(s)

Download RougeGorge's Use Case