What’s happening in e-commerce search?

Comparative analysis of the use and contribution of search across different retail sectors


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What will you find in this e-book?

Search function is the 1st lever of performance for Sensefuel’s clients. But its characteristics varies according to their retail trade segment.

Through 7 KPIs, Sensefuel proceed to an analysis of differencies and similarities on different retail segment. To realize this comparative analysis, Sensefuel has calculated and aggregated these KPIs from his customer base, from june to september 2020. You’ll find undoubtedly, with these indicators, useful insights for your retailer context.

We would not disclose anything more here! We invite you to discover and download, without further delay, this new comparative analysis. Enjoy!

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*business sectors of commerce:

Personal goods: Fashion & Beauty

Homeware: Decoration & Furnishings

DIY: Tools, Gardening & Materials

Consumer goods : Food, Hygiene, Care products

Technical goods :Leisure, Sport, Household appliances, hi tech