Lulli's Use Case

43% increase in conversion ratefrom search in one year


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Why did the brand Lulli sur la toile choose Sensefuel?

Lulli sur la toile brings together inspiring, stylish and modern brands in its seven boutiques and the Lulli sur la toile e-shop. It is famous for its high-end product range and special collections, with a strong focus on the brands it houses.

The Lulli sur la toile online shop had a search engine which had reached its technical limits, having originally been part of the site’s previous platform. Lulli was looking for a solution that would perform better, provide more relevant results, and, above all, would allow the company to roll out an online sales strategy for the brands it represents.

Sensfuel’s solution was recommended by one of its users, and perfectly matched Lulli’s requirements. A key factor was its ability to highlight special offers and promotions within its search results, a feature which could be configured easily via the solution’s dashboard.

*Search conversion : Visits with search(s) followed by order confirmation / Visits with search(s).

Download Lulli's Use Case