Voice Search in e-commerce

A view of the current situation and future of this new revolution


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More and more connected devices are appearing in our daily lives.
The figures relating to their use are constantly increasing across the world. 8 billion voice assistants will be in use by 2023 and 80% of information searches will be by voice by 2030 (sources: Juniper Research & Study Comscore - France Info).

At the same time, more and more brands and labels are seeking to take into account the opportunities offered by voice when implementing their e-commerce strategy. Indeed, voice search is changing not only the way people search, but also what they are looking for.

In this white paper, entitled Voice search in e-commerce: A view of the current situation and future of this new revolution, Sensefuel provides you with accurate indicators about the state of the voice search market and explains how important it is to take into account its impact on your e-commerce operation in order to fully understand this revolution!

Download the ebook